The Best Value Approach Online Course 

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This course is designed for procurement and project professionals to be trained on the theory, process, application and implementation of the Best Value Approach (BVA) from worldwide experts including the creator, Dr. Dean Kashiwagi. After taking this seven-lesson course, professionals will have the knowledge to apply the BVA to procure services faster, reduce project costs, effectively manage vendors, and eliminate protests. 

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What will you learn?


How to minimize project costs by 30%


How to improve productivity by purchasing agents by 10X


How to reduce the procurement time by 50% 


How to effectively track vendors with a system


What to avoid protests from vendors


How to improve the quality of services received from vendors

Dr. Dean T. Kashiwagi

He is an internationally renowned expert in procurement and project management. He has received 30+ international honors, published over 350+ publications, and presented at 300+ conferences. Now a retired professor of ASU, he focuses his time on consulting companies in utilizing the Best Value Approach!

What is included in the online course?

7 Lessons - 30+ Videos

The course is divided into 7 lessons [each broken into smaller sections] which will cover the basics of the logic and processes required for professionals to know. There are 30+ videos equaling to around 5.5 hours of watch time. 

Best Value Experts

This course gives you access to Best Value Experts that can answer any question that you have and support you through this online course. These experts can consult you on how to implement the Best Value Approach in your organization 

BVA Training Material

The online course gives you access to the latest books, cheat sheets, and pdfs of all slides used on the online course. These materials along with the online videos contain the comprehensive knowledge of the Best Value Approach.

Preview of the Online Platform

 "[I am] highly impressed with a simple structure, based on a logical philosophy about alignment of resources. [KSM Inc] can lead us to better products, room for innovation successful partnerships."

-PPiet-Hein Kolff, Netherlands


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BVA Online Course


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7 Lessons - 30+ Videos

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